Chapter Creative Director Application

We’re a growing movement that’s always looking for more team members, whether you want to lead the expansion of Fashion Week into your University or find a career at the corporate level. We never get tired of having more hands.

Gain leadership skills in a fast paced environment

Chapter Creative Director applications now open! Application deadline is Oct 21, 2017. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you over the next week via email.

Chapter Creative Director- Paid (1 Year term)
Hires the Chapter Executive Team, executes event plans, and collaborates with University Fashion Week (UFW) to expand the movement within your university.

  • Works with UFW to get necessary documents in place for hiring team.
  • Hires the executive management team for event.
  • Develops strategic plans and targets for Chapter Fashion Week with Executive Team.
  • Works with Executive Producer on developing yearly theme and branding for event.
  • Confirms partnerships with respective campus agencies interested in the project proposal.
  • Receives primary training on updating the web content and other social media accounts.
  • Works with Finance, Sponsorship, and Fundraising on securing necessary funding for event.
  • Works with team to secure grants and campus support for the event.
  • Serve on board of advisor after 1 year term and help in identifying future Team Members.
  • Works with UFW Upper Management Team to achieve strategic and financial targets.
  • Works with the Chapter Executive Team to secure sponsors, business partners and opportunities for the event.